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What's a Lifestyle Photo Shoot?

Last summer I hired a photographer to photograph me outdoors in a setting that is very "me". I am a woman that has built a business around studio portraiture and I LOVE it in every sense. However, I'm also a girl that has Rocky Mountain roots and grew up in the woods of the west playing in the forests and rivers behind my childhood home. When I think of who I am this is the girl that floats into my heart. Just for your enjoyment here are a few images of me from that shoot by a very talented guy named Cam Mackey.

After I did that shoot I realized that I felt more like "me" in those images than any other photos I have of myself. (or maybe a little more glamorous version of me lol). Now obviously fringe and denim isn't everyones version of themselves but the shoot got me thinking about how much I want to encourage all of my clients to really brainstorm before their session with me on who they really are. What does their "lifestyle" look like and how can we create a photoshoot around that. Are you a Kim Kardashian type or a little more Ralph Lauren? Beyonce or Jennifer Aniston?

There are lots of different kinds and reasons to have your portraits made but one of them (and my most favorite) is simply to have a record of who you are. A picture journal, so to speak, that will be carried with you throughout your life and passed down to your children. Thats where the lifestyle shoot comes into play. A photoshoot of you living your best life. It often looks a lot like a commercial shoot. As if you are in an ad for a magazine or a movie cover...and thats the fun of it! Give it some thought and then we can make a plan!

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David Carlis
David Carlis
26 nov. 2021

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