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'm in the business of celebrating authentic beauty.

The Arnica Spring experience offers clients a journey in feeling confidence. Feeling pride, feeling cherished, feeling love, feeling ownership of her own body and mind. I create an atmosphere that produces those feelings for women, of all walks of life. From the time you walk into my studio space to the moment you set your framed print in a special place, the entire process is one of discovery and what you believe about your highest self.

I’m not interested in “transforming” women, but rather capturing them just as they are. Not the way you were in high school. Not the way you hope to be a year after baby arrives. Right now. I want to know who you are in this moment and to elegantly capture you in the best way possible, coaching you with the techniques of professional fashion photography and modeling . . . while retaining your authentic self.


My studio style is approachable and gentle. While you may view my galleries and think, “These are professional models,” I assure you: They’re. Not. They’re women just like you. Attorneys, hair stylists, mothers, students, rodeo competitors, musicians, political strategists, painters, writers, metalsmiths, motorcyclists, small business owners and so much more! I’ve worked with these women to help them find comfort and confidence before the lens and to own that feeling not only before the camera, but beyond..

I view the images displayed throughout my home as a journal. Each one reminds me of where I was and who I was at a certain time in my life. With photos, I’m reminded every day of the growth process of my life. As a portrait photographer, I view my craft as a commitment to documenting who we are at any given time in life.


Today we live in a culture and a society in which we capture and store photos on our iPhones, seldom making prints or compiling them into a book. Few images become pieces of art.  Images are lost. An iPhone isn’t part of your legacy. A print is. We have forgotten that having an actual print is worth something. Unless a print hangs on your wall, you won’t have something to pass down to your children. The printed product is a big part of the service that I offer my clients. I want you to receive not only a beautiful collection of digitals, but also the highest quality of print to display the story of your life.

My mission is to cultivate and encourage confidence with each and every subject and through that process to create lasting, tangible images that mean something special to each woman, that is, to YOU.

With all my love

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