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Have You Decided What To Give Mom For Mother's Day?

What Mom Want's for Mother's Day

While we all know that Mother's Day this year is a little different because there are still so many people quarantined, but in that I think there are 2 truths.

1. We all plan and hope for this to be over soon.

~Here in Bozeman, Montana as of writing this on April 30th, 2020 we are opening back up and I have my first shoot tomorrow. I love the process of what I get to do for women and as I have aged I am appreciating it more and more. The hair and makeup, the clothes, the photo shoot, the transformation...the whole thing. As a woman ages and especially after she has her babies our priorities shift and time spent on herself becomes less and less and time spent on family and others becomes more. Between running a household, raising children and more often than not, working full time the reality is that moms get worn out and run down. We love what we do but that doesn't mean we aren't tired! Coming out of this quarantine situation I think there are so many mom's who suddenly had to add homeschooling on top of everything else. This is the perfect opportunity to treat mom to a day of pampering for her and giving her the best and only gift she really want's.

2. What mom wants hasn't changed at all.

~The truth is that on Mother's day mom really wants to celebrate the fact is that she's a mother. And yes, of course a day at the spa is a wonderful gift but for most women the most important thing in her life is her husband and children. Her family will always be at the top of her list of life's most precious gifts.

Even as I sit here and type this my little 2 year old boy is throwing a football in my lap and running his little plastic wolf across my keyboard. I get frustrated but the frustration is gone as soon as it arrives because I know that these years go by SO fast. Theres nothing that I want more than to have documented this space in time with my little guy. Looking back over the photos that I have of him from the time he was born until now is so special to me and I know its not any different for any other mother out there.

We love our kids. Our lives go by too fast. They grow up too quickly. I want to encourage you to book a portrait session for Mom. She will get to spend the day being pampered with hair and makeup and getting dressed up as well as having beautiful portraits made both of herself and of her with her children. It's truly the perfect Mother's Day gift and I don't say that as a photographer. I say that as a mother.


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