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Boudoir; the best gift

It's already here again. The months, weeks or days leading up to Valentine's day- women everywhere rushing to figure out a thoughtful, special gift that matches exactly how much they care about the SO in their lives. Or maybe they don't have one? And they want to give that gift to themselves? Either way, women everywhere are either wanting to feel special or make someone else feel that way on the 14th of February.

Feeling lost yourself? Boudoir is the answer! It's a classic, timeless gift that not only becomes a special, private keepsake but more importantly creates an experience- both for the client and the person they choose to give their photos to.

A boudoir session is often not what women assume it to be. It's not scary at all! It's actually the opposite. It's empowering, fun, and most importantly is a huge confidence boost. Not only are you creating actual art, capturing you at that time in your relationship- you're also coming home feeling bold, with a lot more of that confidence that everyone loves in their person.

The photos don't have to be these over-sexualized, raunchy images that feel like you're not supposed to look at them. Most of the photos taken at ASP are actually very tasteful, with minimal nudity. They highlight the woman's shape, the line of her body, without exaggerating that she is nude or exploiting the fact that she may be in sexy lingerie. They are supposed to feel personal to you, which is what makes them so special. And by the way- we'll let you in on a little secret- without fail, the guy's favorites are always the smiling ones ;)

So do something a bit more daring than last year, something he'll REALLY remember for a long time. Or make it a tradition, and do it every year as a way to always remember where you and your relationship were at that point in time, captured in a beautiful photo. There's no such thing as too many gorgeous photos of yourself, and I'm sure your man will agree.


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